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Dear New Resident,

Welcome to your new home, we hope your move went as planned. We know that moving can be stressful, so we conduct random surveys to see how well the movers performed in relation to what you were promised or had expected. This survey will help us understand how consumers select a mover and, after they have moved, provide information to help improve the moving experience for future consumers.

We are a non profit association dedicated to educating movers regarding industry regulations, and helping consumers identify licensed movers. Please complete this short form about your move and the company you used and return it by fax or mail. There are no strings attached, no obligation on your part, and you will not receive any future mailing from us; your feedback may help other consumers.

By returning this form, you agree that we can use your comments for survey purposes. Your name and address will be withheld, we use only the initials that you provide and the city & state moved from and to. Thank you for your help.

Tracy Denora, Executive Director


Your Initials______ City/State moved from: ___________________ City/State Moved to: _________________________

(1) How many movers did you contact for estimates before selecting your mover? ______________________________

(2) Did your mover come to your home and provide a written estimate prior to moving? _________________________

(3) How did you select the mover; Internet ___ Yellow pages___ Prior move___ Other:___­­­­________________________

(4) How large was your move in hours, pounds or rooms? ___________________________________________________

(5) In selecting a mover, which priority influenced your decision; cost or mover’s reputation? ______________________

(6) Was the final cost higher or lower than the estimate? ___________________________________________________

If higher, was the cost difference acceptable to you? ________________________________________________

Moving Company Name___________________________________________________ License number ______________

Moving company’s City & State ________________________________________________________________________

Please rate your overall moving experience (10= Highest: 1= Lowest) __________________________________________

Would you recommend this mover to a friend or family? ____________________________________________________

Please add any additional comments about your moving experience; use reverse side if needed.